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絲瓜貢丸粉絲煲 Loofah Meatball Pot


絲瓜貢丸粉絲煲 Loofah Meatball Pot

絲瓜貢丸粉絲煲 Loofah Meatball Pot


  • 2 Loofahs 絲瓜
  • 10 meatballs 貢丸
  • 3 bean thread noodles 粉絲
  • A few dry shrimps 蝦米
  • 4 cups 雞湯(高湯)
  • Ginger 薑
  • Green onion 蔥
  • Salt 鹽
  • White pepper powder 白胡椒粉


Meatballs cut in half, peeled and seeded loofah cut into pieces. Saute shredded ginger and dry shrimps together. Add meatballs and loofah and stir-fry a little, then add chicken broth and green onion, salt and white pepper powder and cook until boiling. Put in bean thread noddles in the pot until soft.

Loofah Meatball PotLoofah Meatball PotLoofah Meatball Pot
Note: 絲瓜中含防止皮膚老化的B族维生素,增白皮膚的維生素C等成分,能保護皮膚、消除斑塊,使皮膚潔白、細嫩,是不可多得的美容佳品。
Loofah contains vitamin B and vitamin C and other ingredients that are good in preventing skin aging and to lightening the skin as well. It will protect the skin, remove spots and make the skin lighter and tender. It’s a good food for skin care.


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