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麻油雞湯 Sesame Oil Chicken Soup


麻油雞湯 Sesame Oil Chicken Soup

麻油雞湯 Sesame Oil Chicken Soup


  • 6 chicken drumsticks 雞腿
  • 1/2 bottle rice wine 米酒 (喜歡重口味的可以放2瓶酒不放水)
  • Ginger 薑 (越多越好)
  • 2 tablespoons sesame oil 麻油
  • Goji 枸杞 (optional)


Chop the chicken legs into pieces, put in a pot with boiling water to get rid of scum. Slice or smash gingers.

麻油雞湯 Sesame Oil Chicken Soup

Saute ginger with cooking oil until the ginger become dry. Stir fry with chicken together. (Sesame oil will taste bitter if under high temperature too long.)

麻油雞湯 Sesame Oil Chicken Soup 麻油雞湯 Sesame Oil Chicken Soup

Add water and rice wine and continue to simmer until the rice wine flavor are out and the meat is soft. Add sesame oil and goji and continue to cook a little bit before serve. (For heavier taste, put only 2 bottles of rice wine without any water.)

rice wine 麻油雞湯 Sesame Oil Chicken Soup
1. 這是參考阿基師的做法,比較清淡的口味。根據阿基師,煮麻油雞不可加鹽,不然雞肉會柴(不嫩)。而先用沙拉油炒薑煮出來的湯就不會苦苦的。喜歡重口味的可以都放全酒不放水。
Do not put salt in the soup or the meat will not be tender. Use cooking oil to saute ginger instead of sesame oil to prevent the soup becoming bitter. For heavier taste, put only rice wine (about 2 bottles) without any water.

2. 好友璐璐提供的另種做法:先用乾鍋煎薑片,邊緣焦焦後下黑麻油和雞肉炒至變色。加啤酒去煮。煮好後加雞粉或柴魚粉調味。再依個人喜好加米酒一起煮。
Another recipe from my friend: Saute gingers in a pot (dry, without oil). Add sesame oil and chicken when gingers turn slightly burn, stir-fry until chicken half cooked. Pour a can of beer and cook for a while, add a little chicken powder to enhance favor. Add rice wine (according to personal preference) and cook until done.


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