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特製辣咖哩牛肉 Signature Spicy Beef Curry

Recipe provided by Lorraine Chen


特製辣咖哩牛肉 Signature Spicy Beef Curry

特製辣咖哩牛肉 Signature Spicy Beef Curry

Ingredients(4 ~ 5 persons)

  • 2 Beef shanks 牛腱
  • 3 ~ 4 Onions 洋蔥
  • 6 ~ 8 Roma tomatoes 番茄
  • 5 ~ 6 Star anise 八角
  • Few pieces Ginger 薑
  • 2 Lemongrass 香茅
  • 5 ~ 6 Lemon leaves (or small tangerine leaves)
  • A few curry leaves (optional) 可因氏月橘葉/調料九里香
  • 4 bags Indonesian instant seasoning mix (Rendang) 印尼咖哩醬
  • 2~3 tablespoons curry powder 印度咖哩粉


Wash beef shanks and cut into large chunks, about two inches thick each. Cut two onions into small pieces. Cut tomatoes into big pieces about one inch thick.  Wash and soak all leaves in water for later use.

Cut beef shank into big chunksCut onion into small pieces
Cut tomatoes into big chunkswash all leaves

Saute ginger and star anise in a big wok first, then add onion. Rub salt into beef, add beef into the wok and stir-fry until lightly done. Add water until it almost covers the beef. Boil and then cook in medium low heat until soft, about 1.5 hours (do not open the lid while cook). About 20 minutes if using a pressure cooker.

saute giner and star anisesaute onion
add beefbeef is soft

把香茅外皮剝掉,切掉上端葉子部份和根底部。先拍打後再切成小段放入Food Processor 攪拌成小細絲。
Peel off the lemongrass skin and cut off the top of the leaf parts and bottom roots. Flatten first and cut into small pieces.  Put into a food processor.

lemongrass cut into sectionslemongrass cut into sections
put lemongrass into food processorlemongrass

Mix well 4 bags of Indonesian instant seasoning mix (Rendang) and curry powder (2:1 ratio) in another container.

Indonesian instant seasoning mix (Rendang)curry powder
Mix Indonesian instant seasoning mix (Rendang) and curry powder

Scoop up the beef.  Discard ginger, star anise and other scum. Save the soup for later use.

Scooping up the beefbeef is soft

另用一鍋先炒香茅,再加入檸檬葉,可因氏月橘葉(optional) 和一~兩個切稍大塊的洋蔥拌炒一下。放入蕃茄拌炒後再加調好的咖哩醬一起炒。
Saute lemongrass in another wok.  Add lemon leaves, curry leaves (optional) and chopped onion (one or two onion) together, stir fry.  Add tomatoes and curry paste together.

saute lemongrassadd onion and tomatoes
add curry pastestir fry curry paste

Add beef and previous saved soup (from the meat) until it almost covers the meat. Boil and then cover in medium heat for another 20 ~ 30 minutes.

spicy beef curry
Signature Spicy Beef Curry

Note: 這是朋友 Lorraine 教的特製辣咖哩牛肉秘方,真是又香又辣的好味道!印尼咖哩醬和香茅在中國超市如大華,永和都可以買到。印度咖哩粉則要到印度或中東店買的才道地。小橘子葉的形狀特別,若找不到就用檸檬葉也可以。

香茅 Lemongrass

香茅 Lemongrass



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