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味噌烤魚 Miso Fish with Almond


味噌烤魚 Miso Fish

味噌烤魚 Miso Fish with Almond


  • 1 fish fillet 魚排
  • 1/2 ~ 1 tablespoon miso 味噌
  • 1/2 tablespoon mirin (sweet rice cooking seasoning) 味醂
  • Almond flakes 杏仁片


Put fish fillet in an oiled baked pan. Mix miso and mirin together in a small bowl.

put fish in an oiled baked panmix miso and mirin together

Spread miso paste on top of fish fillet, and sprinkle almond flakes on the very top. Bake in 350F for 15 minutes.

put miso paste on top of fishalmond flakes on top

Note: 味增醬不要塗的太厚,不然會很鹹。杏仁片放上去可以壓一下就不會容易掉落。

杏仁豆腐 Almond Jelly with Fruit Cocktail


杏仁豆腐 Almond Jelly with Fruit Cocktail

杏仁豆腐 Almond Jelly with Fruit Cocktail


  • 1/3 bag (5 oz) of Agar Agar 洋菜絲
  • 1/2 tablespoon Almond extract 杏仁精
  • 1 can (15 oz) Evaporate milk or 2 cups of milk 淡奶或牛奶
  • 1/2 ~3/4 cup sugar 糖
  • 2 1/2 cups water 水
  • 1~2 cans Fruit cocktail 綜合水果罐頭


Boil water and chopped Agar Agar in medium low heat and simmer for 10 minutes until completely dissolved.  Keep stirring.

Agar Agarboiling water w/ Agar Agar
Agar Agar desolved in boiling water

Add evaporate milk (or milk), almond extract, sugar and stir until dissolved. After it cools down, put inside the refrigerator about 2 hours to become jelly.

add milk, almond extract, and sugaralmond extract

Cut the Almond Jelly into small cubes. Put the the Almond Jelly cubes and fruit cocktail into a big bowl and mix them together.

cut into cubesadd fruit cocktail

Feel free to add more sugar or ice cubes~~

Almond Jelly with fruit cocktail

Note: 用洋菜來做的杏仁豆腐口感比較脆。如果要綿軟一點的,可以用無味的明膠 Gelatine 來代替。
The taste from Agar Agar jelly is more crisp.  For the soft taste, use unflavored gelatine instead.