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紅豆起司可頌麵包 Red Bean Cheese Croissant

Recipe provided by BWNC


紅豆起司可頌麵包 Red Bean Cheese Croissant

紅豆起司可頌麵包 Red Bean Cheese Croissant


  • 2 rolls Croissant dough 可頌麵團
  • 1 box (8 oz) Cream Cheese
  • 2 whole eggs 全蛋
  • 1 egg yolk 蛋黃
  • 2~3 cups red bean paste (homemade or canned) 紅豆沙
  • 1/2 cup almond slices 杏仁片
  • Vanilla extract 香草精


兩杯紅豆泡水後用電鍋蒸熟,加糖拌勻。或是用罐頭豆沙也行 (但罐頭的會比較甜)。
Soak 2 cups of red bean and cook in the rice cooker, add sugar, mix well. Or use canned red bean paste (sweeter).

Homemade red bean pasteHomemade red bean paste


將一盒 Cream Cheese 放入溫水裏使之變軟。再加兩個蛋和幾滴香草精用攪拌器打勻。烤箱預熱350度。
Soften a box of Cream Cheese in warm water.  Add two eggs and a few drops of Vanilla Extract. Blend well until smooth. preheat ovan for 350F。

cream cheeseblende cream cheese and eggs

烤盤上塗上一層奶油後,鋪上一層 Croissant dough。先塗上一層紅豆沙,再把打好的 Cream cheese 塗在豆沙上,輕輕地抹勻。
On a butter coated baking sheet, place a layer of Croissant dough; then put a layer of red bean paste. Gently spread Cream cheese mix evenly on the top.

croissant doughopen croissant dough
put red bean pastecream cheese mix

最上面再鋪一層 Croissant dough. 上面灑杏仁片,塗上蛋汁(一個蛋黃加幾滴水打勻)。
Put a layer of Croissant dough on the very top. Sprinkle with almond slices, coated with egg water (an egg yolk plus 2 tsp water).

layer another croissant on topegg york and almond slices

Bake for 25 to 35 minutes until golden brown.

紅豆起司可頌麵包 Red Bean Cheese Croissant

紅豆起司可頌麵包 Red Bean Cheese Croissant


Croissant dough 放在室溫內一下再拿出來鋪在烤盤上會比較鬆軟點。
Put the Croissant dough at room temperature a while before baking for softer texture.