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紅麴醬(紅糟)燒肉 Braised Pork with Anka Sauce


Braised Pork with Anka Sauce 紅麴醬(紅糟)燒肉

Braised Pork with Anka Sauce 紅麴醬(紅糟)燒肉


  • Pork spareribs 豬肋骨
  • 2~3 tablespoons Anka sauce (Red yeast rice sauce) 紅麴 (紅糟) 醬
  • Gingers 薑
  • Soy sauce, sugar (optional) 醬油,糖隨意


Cut ment into pieces, boil them for a few minutes to get rid of scum, rinse clean. Mix in Anka Sauce (Red yeast rice sauce), marinate for 4~6 hours (it’s even better to marinate over night.)

cut port into pieces in boiling water for a few minutesmix in Anka sauce, marinate for 4~6 hours

Saute ginger and meat in high heat. Add a cup of water, cook for 15 to 20 minutes (add a little bit soy sauce and sugar if needed) in medium heat until the sauce dries up.

add water, cook for 20 minutesBraised Pork with Anka Sauce 紅麴醬(紅糟)燒肉

Note: 我是用現成的紅麴醬,味道已經很不錯了,不要加太多醬油以免太鹹。紅麴具有活血的功效,並可強化肝臟功能,增進免疫力,對降低膽固醇,避免高血壓很有幫助。
I use the store bought Anka sauce. Do not put lot of soy sauce for the Anka sauce is already pretty salty. The Red yeast is a natural fermented food item that will regulate human metabolism and increase immunity.

Anka (red yeast rice) sauce