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雪梨燉雞湯 Chicken Soup with Asian Pear


雪梨燉雞湯 Chicken Soup with Asian Pear

雪梨燉雞湯 Chicken Soup with Asian Pear


  • 5~6 chicken drumsticks or half chicken 雞腿或半隻雞
  • 2 Asian pears 雪梨
  • 8~10 red dates 紅棗
  • Few pieces of ginger 薑
  • Goji berries 枸杞


雞腿 (切開或不切隨意)川燙後,和紅棗,薑加水一起放在大鍋煮開,再關到小火繼續煮一個小時。雪梨切塊去籽 (不用削皮),和枸杞一起加湯裡再以小火燉約一小時,最後再加鹽調味。簡單吧!
Blanch chicken (either cut or uncut) in boiling water first. In a big pot, add chicken, red dates, ginger, water, cook for 1 hour (boiling first, then simmer). Cut pears into pieces and core to remove seeds (keep the skin). Put pear and goji berries into soup, simmer for another hour. Add salt to taste. Easy!

Note: 這道湯可以養顏潤肺,適合乾燥的秋天,是個很棒的養生湯。也可以用豬骨,瘦肉來替代雞。
This soup has many benefits for our body, especially helps nourish the lungs. You may also use pork bone or pork meat instead of chicken for different flavors.