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腐乳豆腐 Fermented Tofu Mix


腐乳豆腐 Fermented Tofu Mix

腐乳豆腐 Fermented Tofu Mix


  • 2 boxes firm tofu 老豆腐
  • 4 pieces of  fermented bean curd, any kind (任何口味豆腐乳)
  • green onion 蔥
  • garlic 蒜
  • celery 芹菜
  • carrot 紅蘿蔔
  • 2 tbsp cooking wine 米酒
  • sesame oil 麻油


Wrap tofu in a double layer of paper towel to absorb water. It will easily absorb broth back to tofu when cooking in the pot later. Cut garlic, carrot and celery into small pieces.

tofu wrapped with paper towelscut carrot and celery into small ppieces

Heat oil in a pot. Saute garlic, add carrot. Separate tofu into pieces one by one by hand and put inside the pot. Mix a little.

saute garlic and carrotbreak tofu into big piecesput tofu in the pot

Mix fermented bean curd with some water. Add cooking wine and fermented tofu paste into the pot and simmer for 5 minutes until all the broth is fully absorbed. Add salt if needed (taste first).

fermented tofu mix with watercook in low heat

Add celery, green onion and sesame oil on top when serve.

sprinkle celery, sesame oil

Note: 豆腐用手撥的會有不規則的邊,比整齊的邊可以吸收更多的湯汁。用不同口味的豆腐乳,像是辣味的或是紅麴的試試看吧!
Separate tofu by hand will create irregular edges that absorb more broth than clean cut edges. Try different flavors of fermented bean curd, such as spicy or red yeast!