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薑蔥大蝦 Ginger Prawns


薑蔥大蝦 Ginger Prawns

薑蔥大蝦 Ginger Prawns


  • 12 Prawns 大蝦
  • 1 tablespoon cooking wine 米酒
  • Gingers 薑
  • Green onion 蔥
  • Salt 鹽


薑切絲,蔥切段。大蝦洗淨清腸泥。先用油將薑爆香,  再放入大蝦大火快炒。加鹽,酒繼續炒到蝦子顏色變紅,最後放入蔥。快炒至汁收乾,不要太久以免蝦煮太老。
Both gingers and green onions cut into sections.  Wash and devine prawns.  First saute gingers until favor comes out, then add prawns,stir fry in high heat.  Add salt, wine and continue to stir fry until the color of prawns turn red. Add green onions at the last. Stir fry until the juice dry up a little. Do not cook too long or the prawns will be too tough.
gingers and green onionswash prawnsstir fry together

ginger prawns

Note: 蝦子本身就有鮮味了,不需要放太多的調味料。加薑,酒是用來去腥,提味的。
Prawn has good favor itself, no need to put too much seasoning.  Ginger and wine are used to get rid of fishy smell and provide taste.